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The Intertek story starts at the inception of the modern testing industry. The history of Intertek goes back over 130 years, and evolves from the combined growth of a number of innovative companies.

1880 - 1900

  • Mr. Caleb Brett founds a marine surveying business in the United Kingdom to offer independent testing and certification of ships' cargoes (1885).
  • Mr. Milton Hersey establishes a chemical testing laboratory in Montreal, Quebec, pioneering the idea of independent testing laboratories (1888).
  • Mr. Thomas Edison establishes the Lamp Testing Bureau of his Edison Electric Illuminating Company in America, the origin of the world's electric light industry (1896).
    • The Lamp Testing Bureau is later renamed 'Electrical Testing Laboratories,' and later shortened to 'ETL.'
    • It grows to provide testing to General Electric and other industries being created by new invention at the time, such as air-conditioning, over the next 40 years.

In Greek market:

  • Our office operates in Greece since 1995 as a subsidiary of Intertek and by December 2013 changed name to Cargo Protection Surveys (CPS).
  • The company with the new name "CP Surveys Ltd" continues the activities of Intertek in Greece and Cyprus, as the exclusive representative in Greece and Cyprus, with the same standards, the same personnel as provided by international agreements of Intertek.