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Oil & Lubricants

Oil & Lubricants

Petroleum Products and Lubricants CPSurveys testing services threw Intertek’s worldwide network cover the entire petroleum products range from crude oil and refined petroleum products to refined fuels including gasoline, diesel, fuel and residual oils. We also support petrochemicals, lubricants as well as LPG, NPG and industrial gases.

Petrochemical and other chemical testing and analysis are conducted either by Intertek’s in-house laboratories across the world or by other collaborating independent third-party laboratories as per client instructions. Testing and analysis covers purity and component, trace composition, trace contamination, quality control or any other chemical analysis required.

Petroleum testing services.

The petroleum testing labs follow ASTM, ISO, IP and other recognized petroleum test methods and regulatory protocols. Additional expertise includes troubleshooting and R&D. Intertek is a world leader in providing petroleum testing, petroleum sampling and petroleum inspection services to oil, chemical and related companies on a global basis.

Petroleum testing:

Petroleum Industry Services