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Food & Water

Food & Water

CPSurveys offers Food and Water products related inspection, assurance, audit, certification and testing and analysis services ensuring quality and safety for our clients, from source to delivery. The impact of globalization and advances in technology have given rise to a very complex food supply chain with numerous and diverse stakeholders effectively putting the food industry under scrutiny and increasingly stringent safety regulation.

Our IFIA certified inspectors’ expertise and understanding of standards and regulations will cover all of your needs, with our services covering most food producing sectors both domestically and internationally, extending from manufacturing and storage all the way to transportation and final distribution. We are committed to maximizing food safety, public health and our clients’ reputation while minimizing food fraud and financial risk.

Services Available1:

  • Inspection Services
    • Pre-shippment inspection
    • Loading-Unloading Supervision (LUS)
    • Sampling
    • Packaging & Labelling Verification
  • Testing And Analysis
    • Chemical and Nutritional
    • Residues and Contaminants
    • Allergens
    • GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
    • Food Packaging Analysis
  • Assurance, Audit & Certification
    • Labelling Solutions
    • Regulatory Consulting Services
    • Customized Audit Services
    • Food Certification Services

Industries/Products Serviced1:

  • Meat
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Waters and Beverages
  • Retail Foodstuffs
  • Hospitality Products

1 Services and products listed above are indicative for illustration purposes. For our full range of services please contact our representatives.