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Petroleum Cargo Inspections


Petroleum Cargo Inspection: CPSurveys offers bulk cargo quantity and quality inspection services for crude oil, chemicals, petrochemicals, refined fuels and other petroleum products and our inspection services help ensure quality and quantity when trading and transporting high value petroleum, petroleum-product and chemical cargoes. Our IFIA certified inspectors measure, analyze, survey, sample and verify these high value commodities for shipment and inventory quantity and quality. CPSurveys’ inspection expertise helps to eliminate financial risks among trading parties. We offer our inspection services at both local and global levels on 24/7/365 basis.

Services Available for1:

  • Tankers
  • Barges
  • Ship-To-Ship transfers
  • Deep Tank Shipments
  • Land Tank Storage
  • ISO containers
  • Rail Cars


  • Tank Gauging (Petroleum & Chemical)
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Auto-sampling
  • Investigation of Discrepancies
  • Petroleum & Chemical Product Sampling
  • Sample Transport
  • Sample Transport to Laboratories
  • Sample Quality testing
  • Sample Testing and Retain
  • Tank Cleanliness and Tank Wall Wash Inspection

Products Serviced1:

  • Crude Oil, Petroleum
  • Fuel Oils
  • Gasoline, Naphthas
  • LPG, LNG, Other Liquified Gases
  • Liquid Chemicals

Other Services1:

  • Tank Loading Superintendence
  • Tank Discharge Superintendence
  • Pre-Loading Cargo Survey
  • Draft Survey
  • Cargo Loss Claim Investigations
  • Global Inspection Coordination
  • Special Projects

1 Services and products listed above are indicative for illustration purposes. For our full range of services please contact our representatives.