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Ship to Ship Operations

Ship to Ship Operation (STS)

C.P. Surveys provides its crude oil cargo clients with expert offshore crude-oil inspection and third-party ship-to-ship (STS) cargo custody transfer operations. Our IFIA certified STS inspectors provide crucial cargo quantity and quality services for all trading partners. Offshore lightering and STS services are available for VLCC and ULCC supertankers, Panamax and other class tankers.

Our team of expert inspectors expedite operations and ensure a quick turn-around with detailed reports and event-logs depicting operations before, during and after operations. They perform accurate measurement, temperature determination, sampling, time documentation, operation oversight and communications.

At C.P.Surveys we acknowledge the economic impacts of fluctuating crude oil pricing, vessel operations, time delays, and weather all play into profit and loss margins. Our inspector teams are equipped with the latest communication (satellite enabled for direct contact), measurement and sampling equipment so as to timely relay crucial information so that informed decisions can be made upon current data.

STS inspection advantages:

  • Global coverage to support maritime petroleum movements, wherever needed
  • Dedicated Inspector teams
  • IFIA certified Inspectors
  • Inspectors trained to API standards and protocols