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Censuses & Stock Controls

Censuses & stock controls

Every business should keep track of what stock it has and where it has it at any given time, in order to reduce the risk of capital being tied up unnecessarily, to minimize losses due to errors of “walking stock”, and to protect production or business operations from problems arising in the supply chain.

C.P.Surveys’ team of IFIA certified expert inspectors can assist your firm in identifying how much stock it has at any one time, from raw materials to finished goods. Whatever your need, from a one-off stock control check, random stock inspections, inventory quality status, to periodic inventory censuses, we can cover you with bespoke solutions that meet your requirements. Our team of expert technicians will produce independent, impartial and free of potential conflict-of-interest assessments that include thorough report analysis and detailed tables backed, if required, by supplementary photo and video reports.

C.P.Surveys can help with all main types of stock:

  • Raw materials and components – ready to use in production
  • Stocks of unfinished goods in production – work in progress
  • Finished goods –ready for sale
  • Consumables – e.g. fuels
  • Agri-products and Fertilisers