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Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs

Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs

Fuel quality monitoring programs by C.P. Surveys support a wide range of organizations and businesses, from government agencies to private transportation fleets. Our extensive experience in performing fuel quality sampling and testing, enables us to meet our clients’ needs, while our quality monitoring programs are independent, impartial and free of potential conflict-of-interest issues. Our expertise protects your financial and business interests by ensuring the quality of fuel supplied to end-businesses and end-users supporting our clients’ brand reputation and avoiding regulatory penalties and complaints by consumers.

Our fuel quality monitoring programs cater for:

  • Governmental Agencies: field sampling and fuel testing according to appropriate regulations
  • Fuel Refineries: quality and quantity monitoring at branded retail stations (fuel sold at-the-pump)
  • Engine Manufacturers: field monitoring, sampling, shipping and testing as required
  • Transportation/Fleet Companies: reliable monitoring services of fuel quality for fleets of buses, trucks and other vehicles.